A Non-Carbon Based Life Form

What is life in a world filled with only carbon-based organisms which are all depending on the solar energy from the sun to survive?

7-a-noncarbon-based-life-form-pic (1).jp

Is it possible to define robots with artificial intelligence, which use just another energy form than carbon structured chemical energy, as "non-carbon based life forms"?

What makes life? Where is the boundary between living and non-living? Is energy transformation more reductive than any other explanations of a living system?


In the project "A Non-Carbon Based Life Form" we question the future of life forms and the concept of life by creating and showcasing an A.I. robot-plant which can utilize and store the solar energy to produce its own nutrient or energy storage to use for vital activities just as its photosynthetic and autotrophic plant ancestors, but this time in the form of electricity instead of chemical carbon-based structures; realize the solar changes in the environment and rotate itself to adapt, manage its movements and make decisions to protect itself from the attacks in the environment and increase its energy reproduction. 

-Exhibited in Sonar+d Istanbul on 12.03.2018