Buket Yenidogan, Research Artist

Buket is a research-based multi-media artist based in London. She is from Istanbul where east and west melt in each other, everything is in betwixt and boundaries are blurred. This theme is recurrent in her experimental works which have no clear distinctions between research and experience, informance and performance. She makes site-specific installations, interactive works, improvised performances and speculative design projects, using a range of media such as film, creative coding, 3D design and machine learning technologies.

She sees nature, culture and technology as a continuum, following posthumanist and compostist philosophers like Donna Haraway and Karen Barad, and researches this continuum through experimental modes of inquiries. She continues her M.A. in Information Experience Design in Royal College of Art, her dissertation is about posthuman philosophy and agency in relation to art-making within the natureculturetech continuum.


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buket yenidoğan


buket yenidogan