Clair Wave, 2020

Building a new sense.
Which senses are involved in emotional communication? Or is it a sense on its own?
With ML can we hear emotions?

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"Clair Wave", website, ML Interactive Sound Generetor, 2020

This project investigates how empathy can be recreated in virtual environments where we lack smell, touch and real visuals. The experimental approach is not to present a scientific solution but to tackle a speculative reality where emotional expression and communication are forgotten. By using hope as a speculative strategy, I want to point out that the same technologies, that might cause an alternative future where emotional communication is lost, can be used again to re-create it as a sense.


The experimetal generative sound system consists of Web-based ML Facial Emotion Recognition and Max MSP. Sound design has been done by mapping sonic qualities to emotion diagrams in collaboration with sound designer&artist Dimitris Menexopoulos. Sound is generated in real time from Max Msp, using facial emotion recognition web based ML algorithm, system works both with virtual and real environments.

Click below and visit the website to see more of this ongoing project and experience a demo of this new sense.

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