Birth & Death in NatureCultureTech

We are all connected in a web of guilt and ignorance of techno-capitalism, from birth to death.

For my recent investigation on the intricacies of the continuum of natureculturetech, I chose to form an experimental inquiry through feeling, senses and speculation. The habits of the pandemic life such as reading news, meditation, and speculation (usually in the form of anxiety) found their way into my research and shaped the methods as well as the outcomes.

Researching the natureculturetech, I started from the mundane technologic device of a smartphone due to its obvious involvement in culture and tried to find out more about the other edges of the continuum where the life cycle of technologies intertwines with nature. This journey disclosed stories, sometimes tragedies, of alienation, dehumanisation and devaluation formed by the ignorance of technological consumerist, neo-liberal society. While I was looking for how we are all connected, where “we” is not even only human species but earth and all entities from a posthumanist perspective, I encountered the cold truth of such a sad network where one’s pain could become another’s CandyCrush. Besides, I realised that technologies seem to mimic the nature and organism in their infrastructure and usage, while they vary from them tremendously about their lifecycle. I focused on this distinction and imitation for my speculative inquiry.

-Exhibited at "" , “WIP SHOW 2021 RCA”, 27 Jan-5 Feb 2021