Pots & Pans , w/ Tyler Moorehead

Making sound as a form of protest has been rooted in history and also modern culture. Using kitchenware, mostly pots is a very popular kind of public protest in Turkey. In the experimental sound series of RCA , White Noise, during the first week of RCA Strike of tutors, we chose this theme to show our support to the case. 

Improvisation Rules:


-No talking,

-Finishing is to be communicated by gaze and feeling of common intention

"Pots & Pans", Pan, Pots,  Metal Spoons, Lid, Durational Performance,

6 min

No More Chips! , w/ Susan Atwill

"No More Chips!", Crisps, Kitchen Paper, Microphone, Durational Performance,

15 min

“No more Chips!” happened on the day that Brexit was accepted in British parlement. Chips and crisps are the two different saying for this lovely product, by crashing 12 of them at a time, we expressed our response to this milestone event in British history.

Improvisation Rules:


-No talking

-The chips will keep being renewed from the box whenever all of the ones on the tacle are cracked

-The performance will continue until all the chips on the table are cracked