• Buket Yenidoğan

Royal College of Art Design Project Entry 1

Updated: Mar 18

Answering existential questions about my project:

  • What are you researching?

I am researching a speculative belief system which considers the ocean as source and destination of humanity by enacting the waterness of the body through rituals and mythology.

  • What questions are you asking?

Can our current belief systems and cultural norms such as capitalism, individualism or mainstream religious doctrines be the reason that we are struggling to take actions to reverse or stop the Climate Crises? What if our subconscious minds were programmed to perceive the ocean as a priority to protect, respect and consider as self, not the other? Would we still prefer the non-environmentally friendly products over the natural compostable versions for the sake of getting things done fast, or cheaper? Would we even produce such items that would create waste to toxify our waters?

  • Why are you interested?

As a millennial I am experiencing the climate anxiety myself. And through observing my own behaviour I realised what happens in decision points is prioritising my life long motivations, daily goals or deep rooted habits and beliefs rather than the fact I am exposed to every day that earth is dying. I question myself and how would I act different on that decision points.

  • Why might someone else be interested?

I believe I am not the only one in that position of feeling climate anxiety but also not acting on it 100%. Imagining a new mode of being would encourage everyone in that position to welcome awareness how their modes of thinking effects their daily decisions. They can also really propose themselves embracing this speculative belief system I am enacting because the human body is really mostly water, our ancestors were really oceanic animals and ocean levels are rising periodically in history confronting all the land life with planet level floods - the future of life is always pointing to the ocean.

  • What did you learn from the WIP?

The visual language and poem successfully carries my theme and message.

  • How can you apply that learning to your work going forward?

I will keep writing guided text and poems, and I will try to keep the visual language like colours or specific scenes and stage prompts I have in the experience I will design.

Creating a timeline


First Sketch of how the exhibition set up should look like

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