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Growing With

Site-specific Interactive art installation, 2020

The germination of a bean starting from the underground towards having a body with leaves and stems is connected to the body movements of the audience in real time using Kinect and Touchdesigner. 

Nothing exist before the intra-actions, quantum physicist and philosopher Karen Barad explains with the posthuman theory of agential realism. I was inspired by her theory and the idea of "worlding" as the act of building the world around us. Humans and non-humans all are worlding together to create this reality, this time and space. "Being" is becoming with , another hero of mine Donna Haraway states. Therefore we can only grow with other earthlings in a continous intra-action.


"Mushrooms in the Dark" Group Exhibition, Dullwich Country Club, London, UK

"BRIEZE", Shienfield Street, London, UK

Growing With, Site Specific Interactive Installation, 2020

Growing With, Interactive Installation, 2020

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