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Buket Yenidogan is a Turkish multi-disciplinary artist and researcher who is investigating more-than-human futures through speculative mythology and technology. She combines her background in engineering and arts to craft interactive experiences and computational performances to explore the philosophical concept of ‘posthumanism’. Expanding in various media from interactive art installations, to performance art, moving image, sound art and guided meditations, her practice revolves around a multimedia worldbuilding project of an ocean dwelling posthuman culture, investigating the themes of immigration, primordial ancestry, and kinship. Currently, she is investigating the parallels of this oceanic speculation and her cultural roots of nomads of Eurasia and the contemporary state of re-location.


Having a BoS degree from ITU and a MA degree from the Royal College of Art, the multi-disciplinary new media artist is also a published author and panelist of the AI Music Conference 2021 (AIMC) held in Austria and the "Posthuman & Worldbuilding Symposium" organised by the Posthuman Art Network. She has exhibited internationally at Sónar+D Istanbul, Dear2050: Oceans on the Rise Exhibition in Zürich, The Crypt Gallery, The Art Pavilion Mile End in London in addition to having performances in venues like IKLECTIK Art Lab and The Amersham Arms. She is currently an artist-in-residence of Posthuman Art Network and a shortlisted artist for the art and technology award Lumen Prize. ​She is currently working as a Teaching Fellow in Coventry University in Digital Media B.A. and Media Management M.A.


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