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Breath Magick

Multi-sensory Interactive  Art Installation, 2022

Breathmagick is a multi-sensory interactive artwork that creates a sonic and olfactory experience of becoming an ocean. It belongs to a multimedia research project, where the artist Buket Yenidogan explores an oceanic understanding of embodiment through speculative mythology and technology.


Audience is invited to smell the interactive sculpture, then this act of inhaling and exhaling activates the sensor to transform breathing information into the sound of waves crashing to the shore in real time. The smell of the sculpture is created with scents reminding of the coast, such as seaweed and salt.


The observation of one’s own breathing, a deep-rooted practice in mindfulness, becomes the observation of the ocean waves. The work plays with our understanding of self with the aim of transforming it.

Subterrenean Organ, The Crypt Gallery, London, U
K, 2023

RCA2022, Royal College of Art Graduate Show, London, UK, 2022

Omitted References,The Art Pavilion Mile End Park, London , UK 2022


How to use Breath Magick?

1. Set your intention  to become the ocean in the presence of the 3 deities.

2. Lean on the ocean maker device, close enough to the sensor to be able to smell the womb of the ocean.

3. Take a deep breath from your nose, while staying close to the sensor.

4. Exhale slowly out of your mouth, again onto the ocean maker sensor.

5. Continue inhaling and exhaling onto the sensor, and listen your breaths transforming into the ocean waves crashing to the shore.

oceanmkaer bakarken.jpg
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