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"The ones who became the ocean, "

Multimedia Worldbuilding project, 2022

“The ones who became the ocean” is a multimedia project with multiple outcomes, uncovering an alternative reality where humans do not identify separate from the ocean, and ocean is the new posthuman body. It explores an oceanic sense of spirituality and a fluid embodiment beyond the thick boundaries of the skin, through speculative mythology and technology.


The project weaves the wet worlds of posthuman pheneomenology hydro-feminism by the theorist Astrida Neimanis, contemporary policy making procedures and maternal psycology through imagining an alternative society that immigrates to the ocean following a cetaceanic dream. This society is depicted in a far-away-future with extreme ocean level rise, living on the edge of a global flood. By exploring their way of thinking, technology and beliefs the artist Buket Yenidoğan critically questions our current ideologies as the main driving force of Anthropocene, climate crises and mass extinction, and intends to change the future through re-creating the past

The research and idea development stage of the project has been completed with valuable advisers such as Dr. Francesca Ferrando within the artistic residency programme of Posthuman Art Network, and commisioned by Climanosco Organisation's Dear2050 "Oceans on the Rise" Art and Science Projects Call, in addition to the assistance from the Royal College of Art M.A. programme.


JP Guerrier , Sound Design

Jiajing Zihao, Sound Design

Jessica Mordon, Performer

Ozge Kayaaslan, Performer

Chloe Des Navas, Performer

Charlie Ryan, Cinematography

Magda Durka, Costume Design


Alternative Sound Histories, IKLECTIK Art Lab, London, UK

RCA2022, Royal College of Art Graduate Show, London, UK

Omitted References,The Art Pavilion Mile End Park, London , UK

Another World or Not?, Willesden Gallery, London, UK

SPRING, BoatLive Works, London, UK

Posthuman Terrains, The Space Gallery, ONLINE

Dear2050: Oceans on the Rise, Kammgarn Wast SCHAFFHAUSEN, Schaffhausen, Switzerland  

Dear2050: Oceans on the Rise, KUNST(ZEUG)HAUS RAPPERSWIL, Rapperswill, Switzerland

ALIGNED Art Films Screening, IKLECTIK Art Lab, London, UK

IED Showreel Moving Image Artists, Gorvy Lecture Theater RCA, London, UK

oceanmkaer bakarken.jpg

Multimedia World-building Approach

Project outcomes vary in media that complete the missing parts of this speculative reality piece by piece lfollowing the archeological methodology as a world-building technique. The short film Ritual of Rejoin depicts the origin mythology; the installation piece Shrine shows the holy spaces of their society with the cues of values and deities; and the interactive art work Ocean-maker let's the audience experience their technology. The artist becomes a whisperer, a priestess of this speculative spiritual practice leading the rituals in performances ranging from participatory to sound art using experimental sonic devices to allow the audience to complete their transformational journey from individual humans to a one collective body of ocean.

Ritual Of Rejoin Movie by Buket Yenidogan (0-12-31-08).jpg

Ritual of Rejoin

Ritual of Rejoin is a short film that depicts the believers of an oceanic spirituality enacting a mythologic event. In a far away future, a group of women practise a ritual to rejoin the ocean. An unexpected attendee of the ...



The installation shows the holy spaces of this society with the cues of their deities Anegina, Whaleye, and Mouthonge with umblical cords and infant forms...



The interactive artwork is a device used in their rituals to transform the sense of self from human to ocean. It works with breathing biofeedback to...


Weaving Wet Worlds

Sound art performance Weaving Wet Worlds is a new media ritual where the artist becomes the priestess of this society's oceanic spritual practise and take the audience on a journey ...

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