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Weaving Wet Worlds

Immersive 360 sound art performance, 2022

Weaving Wet Worlds uses improvised sound making through an experimental musical instrument and 360 ambisonic soundscape created with narratives entangled around oceans, plastic, bodily fluids, care and hope. 

The musical instrument is made using under-water microphones and played by the artist Buket Yenidogan to improvise with water sounds responding to the live sound syntheshise of my collaborator Zhao Jiajing. The immersive soundscape is built using a remapped and meshed interviews I hold with an environmental policy making advisor and a woman who had to overcome maternal loss trauma, overlayed with the reading of 'HydroFeminism on/or Becoming a Body of Water' essay of Astrida Neimanis. 



It is part of my latest research project started in the Royal College of Art, which builds a watery spirituality through speculative myhtology rituals based on posthuman theories, maternal loss and ecological futures.

Collaborators :

Zhao Jiajing

Performed in Iklectik Art Lab London, and in The Amersham Arms London.

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