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Skin of the trees, the untold story

Audiovisual Moving-image, 2021

The intimacy of observing the skin of the other applies to our nonhuman encounters as well as humans. In our closest moments with one another our eyes rest on the details of our bodily textures, while our ears focus on the subtle sounds of a stroking hand on our arms. How can we feel this intimacy towards a nonhuman body?  


This project aims to create moments of intimacy with trees by observing their unique textures and listening to their caressing in an hypnotic A/V moving image work, where textures and soundscape of tree branches speak a coded story. 


Research and Sound Design in collaboration with Lera Kelemen.


"Leave No Trace", IKLECTIK Art Lab, London, UK, 2021

Shortlisted for Lumen Prize, 2022


Skin of the Trees the Untold Story, A/V Moving Image, 2021

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