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Visiting the Shrine (Priestess will see you soon)

Participatory Performance, Light and Sound Art Experience, 2022-2023

Visiting the Shrine/ ‘Priestess will see you now’ is a participatory performance involving light art and sonic elements. The artist Buket Yenidogan, becomes the priestess of a speculative myth-based spritial system welcoming the audience to activate the Shrine Installation supported by underwater contact mics, and real time sound synthesisers. The 1-2-1 performance then continues with impromptu whispers by the priestess as forms of open-ended questions regarding which deity that the audience member chooses to seek divination from, in addition to surprise light and sonic elements brought my during the speculative ritual.


The work is situated in the bigger project umbrella “The ones who became the ocean” where Buket Yenidogan is building a speculative spirituality of an alternative posthuman society that immigrates to the ocean in a far away neo-helenistic timeline.

Performed in

Subterrenean Organ Group Show , and in THE CRYPTY GALLERY, 2023.

CHRISTIE's supported 'The Ones's Own Home' Group Show, 2023

Omitted References Group Show, in THE PAVILION MILE END, 2022

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